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WNYT’s Lydia Kulbida

photo:Teri Currie


Best Local TV News

1. WNYT 13

2. Capital News 9

3. WTEN 10

Same stations, same order as last year, with WNYT 13 winning by a landslide. Competent reporters, trustworthy anchors and a loveable meteorologist all play a part in 13’s perennial success.

Best Local TV News Anchor

1. Lydia Kulbida, WNYT 13

2. John Gray, WXXA FOX 23

3. Liz Bishop, WRGB CBS 6

The perpetual winner in this category, Lydia Kulbida has the Capital Region news-watching audience in the palm of her very capable hand. In other news, Liz Bishop fell just short of tying John Gray for second place, and that leaves her in the very respectable third-place slot.

Best Local Meteorologist

1. Bob Kavochik WNYT 13 (LANDSLIDE)

2. Steve Caporizzo WTEN 10

3. Noah Francis WXXA FOX 23

Bobby K drops a steel elbow on the competition. We suspect with his tenacity, his build and his stache, Kavochik could have made an amazing professional wrestler. When it comes to the weather, Kavochik is our area’s tag-team partner of choice. Tag us in Bob, tag us in!

Best Local Sportscaster

1. Rodger Wyland WNYT 13 (LANDSLIDE)

2. Dan Murphy WTEN 10

3. Doug Sherman CBS 6

The booming voice? The longtime branding of Big Board Sports? Coattails? You make the call—or just call it a landslide.

Best Local News Radio

1. WAMC 90.3FM

2. WGY 810 AM

3. WROW 590 AM

WAMC barely nosed ahead of WGY 810 AM to take the lead for this category, giving the liberals the edge again this year.

Best Local Music Radio


2. TIE - WGNA 107.7 FM & 88.3 FM WVCR “The Saint”

WEQX is the last remaining bastion of alternative rock radio, and apparently that’s what our readers like. Sure, you might have to occasionally put up with a Nickelback tune or the thousandth Creed retread, but it’s also one the only places you are likely to hear worthwhile up-and-comers like Bloc Party and Interpol and alt-classics from the Pixies and Placebo.

Best Local Radio DJ

1. Darwin WEQX 102.7 FM (LANDSLIDE)

2. Kevin Richards WGNA 107.7 FM

3. Laura (Hello Pretty City) WRPI 91.5 FM

Again, our readers went overwhelmingly for WEQX the station; all they had to do here was pick a DJ.

Best Local Publication

1. Metroland

2. Times Union

3. Daily Gazette

Elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist, wrist. Here’s our best royal hand-waving acknowledgement of thanks to our legions of discerning readers.

Best Local Arts Coverage

1. Metroland (LANDSLIDE)

2. Times Union

3. Troy Record

We are better than you, and you, and you and you. Oh sorry, you caught us letting it go to our head. Cut us some slack, we’re a free paper—we’ve got to get our kicks somewhere.

Best Print Journalist

1. Fred LeBrun

2. Mark McGuire

3. Miriam Axel-Lute

Oh, sure, we would have liked to win this too, but you’ve gotta give Fred LeBrun credit—he’s been writing knowledgeably and entertainingly about the region and state government in his column for so long, we bet you don’t remember when he was the TU’s arts editor and food critic. (He was pretty darn good at those, too.)

Best Local Web site—News




That Capital News 9, they are just everywhere, all the time. And they must bring their Web guy along with them, because that Web page is updated faster than the Drudge Report during the Republican primaries.

Best Local Web site—Community




Oh, stop, please, we’re blushing!

Best Local Web site—Arts




We said, stop.

Best Local Web site—Music

1. Tie:,


OK, you can keep going.

Best Local Blog




Down the list we go from snarky soundbites to a blend of snarky rants and analysis and deadly earnest political discussion to political theory and restaurant reviews. Blogs do many things. Of course, SmAlbany has actually been on hiatus since early December in favor a blog on Shaker High School basketball. Did you guys not notice?



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