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Index of Bands and Solo Artists
# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V W Z

The following guide features bands and solo artists who have provided information via e-mail or forms that have appeared in Metroland ads and have been distributed to a number of locations in the region. The descriptions were provided by the musicians themselves. The acts are presented alphabetically, with solo artists ordered by their last names; solo musicians who front self-named bands have been alphabetized by their first names, so “John Brodeur and the Suggestions,” for instance, can be found in the Js.

Note: This list is not comprehensive, and its accuracy is subject to the reality that local bands come and go and/or change lineups frequently. We update this list continuously as we receive information from bands and performers. If you are a Capital Region band or solo artist and you would like to be included on this list, or would like to have information in your listing changed or deleted, please e-mail If you are sending a new listing, please follow the format of the listings below: name, short description, contact info and Web site.


The 1, 2, 3, 4’s
Garage originals and covers. A 4/4 beat. Three chords. Verse, chorus, verse. 100% soul. Rhythm and beat at its finest. Booking: Dr. LeeRoy Testify, 584-5141.

2 Broads With Alotta Sound
Jazz covers, some originals. A duo of variety, dimension and spirit. Booking: Diane Geddes, 489-7652,

2 of a Kind
Oldies and country cover music duo. Since 1986 and still going strong! Bookings: 323-969-4678.

5 Alpha Beatdown
Garage rock originals. Hello, we are 5 Alpha Beatdown from Iceland. It's time to rock. Booking: 229-9251,,

81 Tranz Am
Punk originals. Pop punk/rock. Booking: Tony (210-4662), Jamie (221-6917),

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Rock originals. Sounds like a Mickey Mouse-ears clad Barbra Streisand riding a talking bicycle in purgatory. Booking: Ricardo Wright-Ramos, 339-2522,

Tom Abbott
Wedding/party covers. Guitar music with vocals. Standards, easy listening, light jazz and Latin repertoire. Booking: Tom Abbott, 237-8360,

The Accents
Rock covers. Six-piece, vocal-belting rock & roll dance band. Booking: Joe Cannavo, 370-3481,

Acoustic Hartland
Acoustic, alt-country, classic rock and R&B covers. A six-piece band featuring four-part vocal harmony, six-string and 12-string guitars, mandolin, blues harp and electric bass. Focusing on the “acoustic classics” from the ’60s through the ’90s. Booking: R.D. Allen, 766-4704,

Acoustic Trauma
Prog-rock originals. Violin, 12-string guitar and other instruments are thrown into this band’s hard-hitting mix. Booking: Paul Maceli, 465-7260,

Classic-rock covers. Five-piece band interpreting the classic-rock songs of the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and beyond. Strong vocals and tight instrumentals. Booking: Mike Bieber, 355-1559.

Albert Cummings and Swamp Yankee
Blues originals. Award-winning Massachusetts-based trio. Booking: Albert, (413) 458-3444,

Alex Torres y Los Reyes Latinos
Latin originals. (Also known as Alex Torres and the Latin Kings Orchestra.) Afro-Caribbean music; salsa, cha-cha, merengue and Latin jazz. Booking: WEPA Records, 843-8153,

Almost Them
Classic-rock and oldies covers. Four-piece band, playing vintage rock & roll, dance and party songs of the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. Booking: Rich Hayes, (413) 637-8074,

Amps on 2
Acoustic party made up of two vocalists playing guitar and percussion. Let them entertain and captivate your audience by performing the POP/DANCE/ROCK hits that your crowd knows and loves! Bookings: or call 518-273-1985.

Rock originals. Voted Best Live Band of 2000 and Best Front Man of 2001 by Metroland. Booking:

Attention Deficit String Band
Acoustic covers. A rough collection of hacks and coughs dedicated to playing in a reasonably accurate fashion. Booking: Ken Manning, 373-0296,

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Classic-rock covers. Four-piece classic rock & roll band doing a wide variety of covers: Santana, the Beatles, Grand Funk, Joe Cocker, etc. Booking: Glen Peterson, 346-6023.

The Back 40 Band
Country covers. High-energy country rock. Booking: Frank Valenti, 283-3381.

The Banshee Asylum
Rock and Rollers with a beautiful female blues singer and a dark twist. Booking: Myke - 439-6479 or

Scott Bassinson
Jazz piano. Booking: 475-1944

Rock originals. Low-brow freakout. Scumbag drug rock. Booking: Stephen Gaylord, 482-6429,;

Benny Cannavo and the Accents
Wedding/party cover band. Extensive repertoire, including male and female vocalists. Will personalize your reception or event. Booking: Benny Cannavo, 393-4286,

Bible Study
Experimental originals. Keen sense of low-growl pop. We’re also quite non-religious. Booking: Alex Roediger, 827-7523,

Bicycle Mary
Indie-rock originals. 36-24-36. Booking: Tim Lynch, 393-6714,

Big Johnson
Blues originals and covers. High-energy electric blues with rock and jazz twist. Bookings: Mike Rozicki (274-5767) or Paul Cooke (235-7233),

Laurie Anderson Bishop
Classical covers. Laurie can help you coordinate the music for your wedding ceremony, cocktail reception, dinner or special event. She plays cello with a variety of ensembles. Booking: Laurie Anderson Bishop, 581-8565,

Blackcat Elliot
Indie-rock originals. Upbeat, energetic rock with a twist of power pop. Voted Best Local Rock Band by our moms. Booking: Kostas Gus Hais, 456-2527,

Black Incorporated
Formerly the Clay People. Seven years of explosive, high-energy live shows throughout the United States and Europe.

Kate Blain
Mellow, acoustic folk - originals and covers. Open mic host at Caffe Lena, Saratoga. Booking: (518) 899-6504,,

Blue Hand Luke
Rock. Nonstop party band, dance floor always full. Cover tunes with our own personal touch. Van Morrison, Stevie Ray, Rolling Stones. Booking: Luke McNamee, 271-9733,

Blue Moon
Bluegrass covers. Four-piece acoustic group playing traditional bluegrass music, specializing in three- and four-part vocal harmonies. Booking: Mickey, 489-2369,

Blues Monkey
R&B/soul covers. Soulful blues band for parties and club dates. “Unleash the Monkey.” Booking: Shawn Conners, 432-0744,

Bone Daddy
Rock covers. Hard-rockin’ music-scene vets crank out Sabbath, Led Zep, Aerosmith, and current music. Great bar/party band featuring female drummer and singer. Booking: John Ryan, 782-0254.

Bone Oil
Originals. Sometimes Hot Avant Rock. Sometimes Cool Computer Samba. Booking: Tom, 434-4110,

Boot the Owl
Blues covers. A blues/funk band that’s sure to get you on your feet. Booking: Steve Lamb, 356-2527.

Brian D
Swing/big-band originals and covers. Vocalist in the tradition of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and other great artists of this genre. Booking: Brian DiGiuseppe, 356-8099,

The Brian Kaplan Band
Rock originals. Perfect fusion of well-crafted pop songs and inspiring improvisation in an exhilarating live show. Booking: Chris Fisher, 731-8752,

British Steel
Metal covers. The ultimate Judas Priest tribute, on tour with Montreal’s Iron Maiden tribute Up the Irons. Booking: British Steel hotline (286-1752),

The Brits
Classic-rock covers. Specializing in British Invasion—early Beatles, 1962-1966. Booking: 756-9593,

Cole Broderick
Jazz originals and covers. (Performs solo and with the Cole Broderick Quartet.) Acclaimed Saratoga Springs pianist-composer whose four-CD boxed set, Seasons in Saratoga, was favorably reviewed in Billboard. Booking: Cole, 587-2908,

John Brodeur
Pop/rock originals/covers. "Best Local Singer/Songwriter" (2002 Times Union Readers Poll), "Best Solo Musician" (2000 Metroland Readers Poll). Bookings: (518) 229-9251,,

Broken Lies
Classic-rock covers. Classic rock, blues, pop, ’60s to current. Great crowd-pleaser for the baby boomers through generation next. Booking: John Harris, 356-5073,

Broken String Band
Irish originals and covers. Area’s premier Irish traditional band for over 25 years. Traditional and pub music for weddings, pubs, schools, concerts, festivals. Uilleann pipes, hammered dulcimer, accordion, more. Booking: Ray Wall, 465-2882.

Brown Cuts Neighbors
Experimental originals. Parliament/Funkadelic calling Captain Beefheart on a faulty telephone line. Includes video artiness and crude electronics. Booking:

The Burners
Rock, soul and R&B covers. The Burners put on shows that are part Rolling Stones and part Flying Wallendas, investing rock, soul and R&B classics with fiery energy. Booking:

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Mike Campese
Rock originals. Guitar virtuoso who also performs with the Mike Campese Band. Booking: Mike Campese, 446-2557.

Cannibal Cat
Originals. Nutty, fun-time, happy music. Troy’s nuttiest return to the Capital District for another year of being dazzled by shiny objects. Booking: Andy Dufresne,

Captain Squeeze and the Zydeco Moshers
Zydeco originals and covers. Louisiana bayou-flavored band that tours the Northeast performing concerts, weddings, parties, dances and fundraisers. Booking: Greg Speck, 797-5139.

Carnie Voodoo
4 piece all-original modern acoustic rock, some classy covers and high energy jams. Booking: Mike Dececco/Jay Dingman 439-6181,

Cavanaugh & Kavanaugh
Folk originals and covers. Original and traditional folk, including fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, penny whistle and percussion. Booking: Deb Cavanaugh, 463-7103,

Chip Fasciana & his Band of Misfits
Prog originals. Original Butterz. Booking: Chip Fasciana, 427-2991.

Choosy Mothers
Rock originals. Female-fronted, guitar-based band playing original music combining intelligent lyrics and musical overtones from every corner of the popular-music map. Booking: Wendy Proctor, 851-2844.

Chrysalis Lore
Folk originals. Percussive folk duo featuring dual female harmonies, eclectic arrangements and poetic lyrics with a social consciousness. Interesting, diverse covers are a bonus to original compositions. Booking: Chrys Ballerano, 439-1085,

C. Jane Run
Pop originals. Original modern pop band. Booking: Mike Wray, 395-3198.

Coal Palace Kings
Alt-country originals. We sing about sin, salvation . . . and vans. Booking: Jeff Sohn, 446-9940.

The College Farm
Experimental originals. Neo-folk from the rural Northeast. Booking: Matthew Pelletier, 765-9151.

Complicated Shirt
Three piece brilliant rock ’n roll. Ask our bassist to break a beer bottle over his head and he will! Booking: Drew, 477-CLAP,

Constant Elevation
Hiphop/rock originals. Raw energy trapped in a live performance. Hiphop vocals over innovative hard rock. Hot and sweet. Booking: Matt, 986-0213.

Count the Stars
Rock originals. Four-piece, formerly known as Visual Reason, playing catchy rock originals. Booking: Dave Shapiro, 423-1157,

Rock originals. This is the real thing. Pure honest rock & roll, just like mother used to make. Booking: Don Bazley, 426-2342; Geoff Ryan, 432-3983.

Crazy Head Mazie
Rock covers. Patriots of rock: Slinging a handsome helping of energy, fun, sex, beer, pizza, great covers and originals. Booking: Wayne, 273-2812,

Cross Fire
Classic-rock covers. Kickass, three-piece classic-rock & roll, interspersed with heads-up jams by Berklee-trained musicians. Booking: Mike Palma, 377-7228.

Cryin’ Out Loud
R&B/soul covers. Rhythm and blues with an attitude! Featuring killer vocals and the “blow it out your brass” horns. Booking: 24-hour hotline, 395-8910.

Rock originals. Original rock music with classic influences. Old dogs, new tricks! Booking: Tom Hanley, (718) 302-4141,

Irish/Celtic covers. Traditional Irish—fiddle, flute, guitar, bagpipes, bodhran—playing weddings, parties, dances, pubs, concerts. Booking: Eric Everson, 756-8273.

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Danny Lombardo Show
Wedding/party cover band. Powerful and versatile group with female vocalist. All dance music. Professional, courteous and well-rehearsed. House band aboard Lake George’s “Lac Du Saint Sacrement” and at the Georgian Resort. Booking: Danny Lombardo, 793-4131,

The D.A.’s
Punk originals. All-female pop/punk quartet hailing from the Albany area. Booking: Naomi Segel, 274-1194,;

Dan Wos Project
Rock covers. Rock and dance music from the ’70s to the present. Booking: Dan Wos, 882-9621,

The Decadent Royals
Rock originals. Tight and gutsy rock band that fuses elements of classic rock with a hard-hitting two-guitar sound. Booking: Chris Felts, 591-0352.

Dave Smith and Bad Karma
Rock original, rock covers. Three guys with a “super sized” sound, and an in your face attitude. Booking: (518) 377-2884,;

Deja Blue
Blues covers. Blues with attitude. Six-piece band based in Glens Falls area. Booking: Vinnie Spero, 798-0427.

Valerie DeLaCruz
Country originals. Award-winning singer-songwriter whose most recent album, They’ll Never Know, was released by Relentless Nashville. Booking: GirlSinger Music, 393-1659.

DF Magnum
Rock covers. Hard-rocking classics, danceable rock and modern rock. Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Stone Temple Pilots, Seven Mary Three, Godsmack, etc. Booking: Rich Valletta, 895-2425,

Diamond Street
A 5 piece Columbia county based band, playing a great mix of rock and dance rock. Bookings: Alfred: 828-6703,

Direct Drive
40s to Top 40 covers; versatile six piece band with male and female vocals; Many years of experience entertaining at Weddings, Parties, and Corporate Events. Bookings: Sonny Daye,238-1331,

Dirt Nap
Heavy Alternative. Booking: Chuck Switzer, 784-2945,

The Division of Animal Affairs
Rock originals. Sort of a Mitch Elrod side project featuring the Blazer on Jitar, Albeethro on bass and vocals, and Peethro Tull on drums. Booking: Mitch Elrod, 598-0525,

Acoustic covers. Solo, multi-string instrumentalist, rock reggae, folk, Cajun, bluegrass and slide blues on a National Steel guitar. Tunes you know and some you forgot. Much music from one man. Booking: Diz, 785-3453. dizjustis

DJ Automation
Spins Goth/industrial. Booking: Dave, 436-4107,

Spins techno and house. Veteran club/rave DJ with over eight years experience spinning tech house, deep tribal, bangin’ techno. Booking: Coco, 626-9227,

Dj Dave Perez
Veteran Dj (clubs/raves/parties),producer. 6yr Residency at Saratoga's legacy The Metro (96-02). Bookings:

Doctor Isosceles
Alternapop originals. Based in the artistically burgeoning Berkshire city of North Adams, Mass. Multifaceted mix of highly crafted, super-edgy, pop-sensible songs with irresistible hooks and tasty harmonies. Booking: Russel Miller,

Doesn’t Matter
Rock originals. Vocal-oriented original music. Five members—two guitars, bass, keys and drums. Booking: Vince Arpey, 893-7580,

Original guitar driven hard rock/ funk.

Indie-rock originals. Rock & roll for smart people. Booking: Catheryn Teeter at DDE Music, 782-0577.

The Dry Rub
Classic rock covers and riff-heavy originals. Black Crowes to Bad Company. The King to the Cars. The Stones. The Who. The Rub! Booking: Rob Arsenault, 382-2582,

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Michael Eck
Acoustic originals. “Maximum solo acoustic.” “Best solo performer,” Metroland Readers Poll 2001. Host, Borders Songwriters Forum. Booking: Michael Eck, 432-6634.

Daniel Ray Edwards
Country originals. Twenty-two-year-old singer-songwriter, who had a record deal at age 17 with an independent label, fronts his own band. Currently Edwards and band are signed with Nashville management and dealing with major labels. Opened for several national country acts. Booking: Jeff Popp, 597-3653,

El Chupacabra
Punk/hardcore originals. Very energetic, violent, and exciting. Bookings: Mike,

Elements of Insanity
Metal/hardcore originals. Influenced by Staind, Deftones, System of a Down and Straight Jacket. Booking: David Little, 885-6968.

Metal originals. A heavy but melodically intense band that meshes extreme energy and intense focus with keyboards, guitars, bass, drums and noise. Booking: Aaron Wray, 441-7410,

Nic Engel
Acoustic originals. Rock guitarist who, with bandmates at college, has kept up the acoustic side of his musical inclinations with uptempo original songs. Booking: Nic Engel, 276-7678, hilikus@wrestlezone.

The Ernie Williams Band
Blues originals. Legendary bluesman Ernie Williams, backed by a six-piece band of local musicians, each renowned for their individual talents. Booking: Kathy Williams, 505-6541.

The Erotics
Punk originals. Glam-punk trio that is as offensive as it is fun. Young, loud and snotty. Booking: Mike Trash, 426-9662,

Rock covers and originals. Hard rock, progressive, high energy pop-rock. Booking: Flood Productions, 399-4803,

Exit 24
Rock originals. High energy with lots of emotion and fun. Great band to be around, loves a great crowd, and loves to party after shows. Booking: Rodney Wiltshire, 273-0051,

Punk originals. Pop-punk that is totally unpredictable. Booking: Pete Carolen, 587-4325,

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Familiar Territory
R&B/soul covers. Funk, R&B, contemporary jazz. Booking: George L. Spencer Jr., 253-3471,

Fat Chance
Rock covers. Five piece “slamming-jammin” rock & roll band. Booking: Dan Ernst, 233-8681,

Filthy Habits
Punk originals. Energetic punk band heavily influenced by Rancid, Social Distortion and the Clash. Booking: Joe Maurizio, 346-7291,

Fist Full of Reason
Hardcore originals. Together since 1998, and predominantly rocking Club 797. Booking: Murph, 248-6145,

Classic-rock covers. Four-piece rock, blues and funk band, together over a year and a half. Looking for as much publicity as possible. Play several times a month all over Capital District. We do have originals also. Booking: David Ahl, 370-0838.

Flyin’ Machine
Rock covers. Classic to modern rock & roll cover songs. Booking: Frank, 374-0530,

Will Foley
Acoustic covers and originals. Contemporary singer-songwriter willing to play anywhere for anyone. Just a guy who sings some songs. Booking: Will, 371-7755.

The Fortunate Few
Blues covers. Five-piece, horn-fueled swing-blues band. Booking: Norm Ouimet, 237-8086 Bob Ristall, 438-4777, 629-7532.

Adam Foster
Acoustic originals. Acoustic guitar with harmonica with original songs, ranging from folk to blues to rock & roll. Booking: Adam Foster, 783-1166,

Frank & Benny Children’s Funtime Review
Children’s-music covers. A unique blend of music, dance, sing-alongs, fun and games. Available for parties, craft shows, fairs—anywhere children want to have fun. Booking: Frank Palmeri, 872-2573,

Free Beer and Chicken
Rock originals. Good-time music that makes people move their feet. Name originates from John Lee Hooker’s free beer and chicken parties. Booking: Chris Sullivan, 580-8921.

Fritz’s Polka Band
Originals. The only polka band to perform at a Woodstock Festival! FPB performs an eclectic mix of music that appeals to all ages. Booking: Fritz Scherz, (315) 363-3509.

4-piece funk/fusion band from Albany, NY. Drummer Joe Rocco and bassist John Haag drop the greasy foundation for guitarist Joe Watrous and keyboardist Pete Rocco's harmonies and improvisational experiments. The sound ranges from solid, thick funk to jazz fusion and beyond, from tight ensemble playing to free explorations by all members Contact: Joe Watrous

Full Toy Explosion
Indie-rock originals. A female-fronted, three-piece original rock group with a high-energy live show. Booking: Niki Lee, 265-3923.

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Geo and the Komrades
Classic-rock covers. Versatile trio covering pop music from the ’50s to the present. Specializing in American rock & roll, British Invasion and Irish pub songs. Available for club work and private functions. 15 years experience. Booking: Geo Doody, 459-7562,

The Gibson Brothers
Alt-country and bluegrass originals. Performed in brother-duet style. Booking: Monterey Artists/Bobby Cudd, (645) 321-4444.

The Girl
Rock originals and covers. High-energy band. Booking: Nick Delucia, 235-7431,

Glitter of Cohoes
Experimental instrumental rock group., email:

Good for the Soul
R&B and rock covers. Booking: Susan Finlayson, 371-4455,

The Good Ole Boys
Country originals. We play old-time country: Merle Haggard, Ray Price, Hank Williams. Booking: Ron Bender, 872-0636.

Great Day for Up
Rock originals. Four-piece band formed September 1999. Booking: Terry McCoy (435-9836), Mike Lagone (598-1470).

Greg Guba
Acoustic covers. Solo acoustic originals and covers. All types of music for all occasions. Blues/folk/pop/oldies. Booking: Greg Guba, 339-4997,

5 piece groove/jam rock band. Originals and covers. Bookings: Ed 692-1166 or Howard 692-8120,

Gridley Paige
( formed in 94 ) 60% Alternative/pop/rock covers and 40% originals. Woodstock 99 performers, 2 cds in circulation, # 3 soon. Playing at Jillians, Northern Lights, Valenti's Pub and many others from Syracuse to Albany and Oneonta to points north. contact info. at website

Mike Grutka Band
Original acoustic rock Cover by DMB, REM, Radiohead and more. Bookings: 281-8654,,

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Hair of the Dog
Irish, pop and rock covers and originals. Heavy-touring Delmar-based band offers a spirited mix of traditional Irish sounds and crowd-pleasing pop tunes. Booking:

Happy Hollisters
Indie-rock originals. Fab gear combo rock like bastards, black velvet psychedelia and goth-space-pop. Featuring superstar Pinky on vocals, the solid sway of former Dreaming Spires bassist Joanne and Medicine Hat Bernie on violin. Songs of sex, madness, Jesus, outer space and hardcore Zen. Booking: Kelly, 433-7141,

“Lonesome” Val Haynes
Alt-country originals. The former front woman of Albany greats Fear of Strangers, Haynes plays quirky tunes mixing flavors from pop, rock, folk and country. Booking: Val, 274-8049,

Singer/songwriter. Acoustic folkish/poetic renderings. Guitar/Piano/Sitar. Booking: Hollice Danielle Wiles,

The Heaters
Formed in 1990 The Heaters still Heatin up clubs all around the capital region. Available for any event, clubs, partys, weddings, corporate events, etc. Featuring male and female vocals playing funk, soul, R&B, disco, rock, alternative, etc. Dance music sure to keep you on your feet all night long! Booking: Bela, 281-4603,

The Heat Treaters
Blues and classic-rock covers. Three-piece, guitar-driven blues. Bookings: Jamie, 762-6113,

The Hot Wires
Playing the best of Classic Rock, Blues, Country & Originals. Playing songs you love but seldom hear and originals. Acoustic/Electric guitars with vocals & harmonies. Booking: Rick Lipe, 436-4737/Mike Mcmann, 273-4578.

Hungry Jack
Metal originals. Pro wrestling meets horror movies meets Spam smothered in onions and covered with slices of punk rock. Booking: Matt Smith, 747-3917.

Homespun Occasions
Wedding/party covers. A wholesome, natural merrymaking alternative. Musical entertainment that echoes other times and simple pleasures: Celtic, Appalachian, swing, folk, Cajun. Our specialty: old-fashioned hoe-downs. Booking: Paul Rosenberg, 482-9255.

Indie-rock originals. Psych-romantic cross-cultural rock instrumentation: drums and percussion, bass, guitar, saxophone, flute, two lead vocalists (male and female). Booking: Mandy Beck, 843-1046,

Jes Hudak
Acoustic originals. Original music, unique piano and electric vocals. Powerful sound. Booking: Arthur Gonick, 573-0742.

Meg Hutchinson
Folk originals. Award-winning Berkshires singer-songwriter with two albums, Meg Hutchinson and Against the Grey. Booking:

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Inky Salad
Rock covers. Performing Rush, Led Zeppelin, Pretenders, Hendrix, STP, Foo Fighters, Santana, some originals. Booking: Dianne, 356-2377,

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Ed Jahn
Acoustic originals and covers. Solo acoustic guitar. Vocal, pop-oriented. Booking: Ed Jahn, 584-8600,

Jazz covers. JazzWorks (sax, piano, bass, and drums) plays the best of classical jazz by artists including Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, etc. Clubs, parties, concerts. Booking: Jim Madigan, 235-6562.

Jerkwater Ruckus
Rock originals. Pulsing rock originals in the “jam band” vein, fluid grooves enhanced by funk, bluegrass and jazz influences. Booking: Rich Lemire, 449-3303.

Jimmy and the Poptops
Oldies covers. Roots of rock & roll and doo-wop music from the ’50s and early ’60s. Early rock & roll and country crossovers. Booking: Sev Moro, 459-3515.

R&B/soul covers. Funk, soul, N’awlins R&B, old school fools that put the jump in your rump. Booking: Matt Hatfield (383-0300), David Macks (272-5763),

John D’Aloia Band
Classic-rock covers. Longtime area musician offering classic rock, blues and modern rock covers. Available for club and party engagements. Booking: John D’Aloia, 664-4645,

The John Morse Band
Classic-rock covers. Rockin’, booze-soaked roadhouse rock. Band has opened shows for Blue Oyster Cult and Zebra. Booking: John Morse, 235-1035,

Joy & the Souls of Evolution
Originals. Back in town after 14 years—the vocalist-
songwriter is taking New York by storm with her dynamic band, playing songs from her CD Rebellious Dreamer. Booking: Joy, 479-3375.

Jump Cannon
Indie-rock originals. Robert Smith and Siouxsie Sioux go to bed in 1986 and wake up in 2001 at Matador Records. (Swirls of pop harmony wrapped around delicately quirky beats.) Booking: Sarah Paul, 229-4374. www.

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The Kamikaze Hearts
Rock originals. Voted Best New Band of 2000 by Metroland, this all-acoustic ensemble mixes lo-fi rock with rootsy instrumentation and sharply offbeat songwriting. Booking:

Russ Kennedy
Acoustic. Singer, guitarist, entertainer. The best in contemporary rock and pop, classic oldies and today’s country. Booking: Russ Kennedy, 235-2689,

Alt-country originals. Independent Americana ensemble with an ever-changing lineup. Never ever say “yeah” in a song. Booking: Edward Gorch, 427-3847,

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Larry Lewis and Solid Smoke
Wedding/party covers. High-energy eight-piece dance, show and party band that packs dance floors wherever they go. Booking: Dave Flood, 432-7348.

Lawn Sausages
Alternative originals. Good songs. Bad dresses. Nice members. 1,400 pounds of couch-dancin’ rock & roll. Booking: Art, 238-2788,

Mike Lee
Hiphop originals. An independent producer/MC/musician working with hiphop, R&B, soul, jazz and reggae roots. Booking: Mike Lee, 469-4454.

Metal originals. Very melodious, like rarest heaven-spun metal. Booking: Veronica Floyd, 767-2583,

Rock originals. Up-and-coming original rock band. Booking: Andrew Gregory, 453-1681.

Locust Park
Classic-rock covers. Four-piece band, two guitars, bass and drums. Clubs, benefits parties. Booking: John Molinari, 869-1368.

Dr. James G. Looby
Jazz originals. Original jazz, standards, big band, swing. (Saxophone and computerized background accompaniment). Booking: Dr. James G. Looby, 791-1297.

The Lustre Kings
Rockabilly. American music. Booking: Mark Gamsjager, 966-5572.

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David Malachowski
Originals. Guitarist, producer, songwriter. Credits: Shania Twain, Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen, Savoy Brown, Janie Fricke, John Michael Montgomery, Montgomery Gentry. Booking:

Mare’s Nest
Funk/groove covers. Potpourri of odd tunes and styles. Booking: Al Kash, 756-9501.

Mark Emanatian and Folding Sky
Blues originals. An original blues-based rock band that jams with the best of them. Great songs, great music, great time. Booking: Mark Emanatian, 462-4028,

Jason Martin
Indie-rock originals. (Also performs with Brown Cuts Neighbors.) Soulful power ballads inspired by space wars, ghost animals, downtown Schenectady. Booking:

Men Without Heads
Rock covers. Four-piece dance band with entertaining male lead singer. Booking: Stephen Phelps, 356-4254.

The McKrells
New-acoustic and Irish originals and covers. Hard-touring Saratoga Springs act mixing Irish-music traditions with new-acoustic flair. Booking: Kevin McKrell, 884-2811.

Michael Benedict Band
Big-band covers. Seventeen-piece big band. Swing music à la Count Basie, Woody Herman, Stan Kenton, Artie Shaw. Booking: Michael Benedict, 239-4041,

Michael John
Acoustic originals. Singer-songwriter based in Albany with an upcoming CD, Say Anything. Solo artist. Booking: Michael John Buonagura, 456-7618.

Mike McMann Band
Rock covers. Bar and party band. Classic rock, R&B, bluegrass, blues four-piece. Booking: Mike McMann, 273-4578.

The Mike Parella All-Stars
Blues covers and originals. The working-class heroes of white boy blues. Bookings: Mike Shanley, 272-5646,

R&B/soul originals. High-energy classic R&B and jazz “golden nuggets” and cool groove originals. Throw in a little Cajun spice and rock & roll, and you get the picture. Booking: Stephanie, 786-8012,

Classic rock covers. High-energy rock & roll: ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and today. AC/DC to ZZ Top. Booking: Martin Maloney, 489-6324.

Aaron Mittler
This acoustic Guitar and Vocalist performs everything from Jethro Tull ,Simon & Garfunkel, the Beatles to Pink Floyd. Booking: Aaron Mittler, 725-4910,

Mr. Cleans Army
Rock originals. Rock/alternative/blues trio. CD/demo available. Booking: Joe, 374-0966.

Mr. Sluggo
Alternative covers. Based out of Saratoga, Mr. Sluggo brings a fresh blend of today’s newest alternative rock, as well as memorable classic rock of years past, to the nightclubs of the Northeast. Booking: Darren O’Brien, (413) 499-9206,

Mitch Elrod and the Hick Engine Ears
Rock originals. Loverly blues rock scat tappin’ gone fiction. Booking: Mitch Elrod, 598-0525.;

The Mixers
Reggae/ska originals. Eclectic mix of ska, reggae and funk. Originals and choice covers. Booking: Marc Bachorik, 234-1061,

The MoodSwings
tandards from Dinah Washington to Melissa Etheridge, from Frank Sinatra to James Taylor. Great low-key music for parties, small clubs and restaurants. Energetic but not loud! Booking: Kelly, 518.861.0870,

Monkey Gone Mad
Ska-punk originals. Nine-piece band that incorporates different styles and influences into their music, such as reggae and funk. Great high-energy live band. Booking: Dan Goodspeed, 253-2758.

Ted Montuori
Acoustic originals and covers. Singer/guitarist plays your favorites from the ’60’s to the ’90s, as well as originals. Booking: Ted Montuori, 383-7364,

Moon and the Stars
Blues originals and covers. Five-piece groovin’ blues band. Booking: Howard, 692-8120.

Mother Necessity
A high energy, straight forward, soul searching, original rock and roll band with no boundaries. Booking:,,

Andy “The Music Man” Morse
Children’s-music covers. Professional, full-time children’s musician who delights young audiences with a lively blend of sing-alongs, dances, play-acting and storytelling. Tapes and CDs available. Booking: Andy Morse, 462-3372,

Mundo Nuevo
Latin covers. Latin, American, Caribbean quartet playing music of Puerto Rico, Cuba and Latin America. Booking: Nancy Massanet, 591-0362,

Ben Murray and Siobhán Quinn
Blues, folk and pop covers. Two-time Metroland award-winning duo featuring singer Quinn and singer-guitarist Murray; released album Two Rivers in 1999. Booking: Rosewood Steamroller Music, 371-7970,

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New York Players
Wedding/party covers. Funk/groove, Latin, R&B and soul, swing and big band group playing weddings, parties and corporate events, featuring male and female vocals, three- or four-piece horn section and integrated DJ system. Booking: Mike Emery, 482-8252 (local) or (800) 866-BAND(toll free).

Rock originals. Melodic and powerful rock from Dublin, Ireland. Booking: Sean Mahoney, 463-6376.

Nickname: Rebel
Punk originals. Make-out songs and war cries for the Doom Generation and their friends. Booking: Marc Arsenault,

Nitro Jive
Swing/big band covers. Hard-swinging, West Coast-style swing band, reminiscent of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Royal Crowne Revue and other favorites. Booking: Bill Duell, 785-8699,

Nobody’s Fools
Acoustic covers. Modern and classic rock with a bit of Irish tradition for good measure. Booking: Rick Gamache, 233-0742,

Punk originals. Pub-punk privateers with a double shot of traditional Irish for good measure. Great band to get piss-drunk to. Booking:

No Restrictions
Jazz covers. Creative jazz renditions by vocal and guitar duo. Booking: Shari Simsek, 489-5932,

North 40
Alt-country covers Six-piece band covering old and new country, rockabilly, classic rock. Some originals. No two shows ever the same! Booking: Renee, 273-2725.

Not the Mama’s
Oldies covers. Classic rock and oldies band. Booking: Paul, 272-1506.

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The October Circle Rock
Rhythm & Jams including original material and classic R&B and blues tunes with healthy doses of improvisational madness. Bookings: or call (518)452-9419.

The On Switch
Rock originals. Fusion of just about all types of rock, with folk, hard rock, soft rock, alternative, etc. Different songs have different influences. Cuisinart of rock—four members on two guitars, bass and drums (some keyboard). Booking: Colin Ford, 489-0212 or 489-6392,

The Orange
Indie-rock originals. Booking: Dan Sorensen, 426-7899,

The Other Band
Rock covers. “This ain’t rocket science. It’s rock & roll!” Booking: Mark Wallace, 828-0625,

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Skip Parsons
Jazz/swing originals and covers. Early style jazz (Dixieland) and swing. Booking: Skip Parsons, 768-2231.

Peter and the Wolf Band
Blues covers. Local blues band, new on the scene, playing clubs and parties. Booking: Peter Gervasio, 489-3384,

Phillips Head
Power-pop originals. Post-punk power-pop, high-energy original rock. Booking: Jason Irwin, 745-1683,

Pickit Line II
Acoustic covers. Acoustic duo playing classic rock covers and a few originals. Booking: Art Janetsky, 356-0225.

The Pipe Kings
Wedding/party covers. Five-piece—sax, keyboard, bass, guitar, drums. High-energy, upbeat party band. Boomer music at its best. Booking: Joe Vellano, 372-9512,

Plastic Jesus
Punk originals. Welfare, hardcore, punk rock & roll. We call it welf-core. Booking: Josh Welf, 235-8586,

The Provider
Blues original. Original blues/R&B. Booking: Mark Calkins, 799-2323.

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Rant ’N Rave
Classic-rock covers. Classic-rock party band plays cheap rock & roll, American-style. Rock you can dance to. Booking: Rod Choppy (272-6293), Dan DeFilipps (861-8099).

Auditory self-medication. Or is it self-help through the joy of music? Whatever it is, it seems to be catching on. Go to a reaLation show and receive a free psychological assessment when you walk in the door. Listen to the lyrics and discover problems you never knew you had. And after the events of last September, who doesn't need a little check- up? Bookings:,

Reckless Abandon
Blues covers. Take Diz (see listing above) and add percussion, funky bass, sax and violins. An eclectic, improvisational and impromptu mix of blues, rock, reggae, Irish and Cajun music. Booking: Diz, 785-3453,

The Refrigerators
Party/wedding covers. Voted Best Band in the Capital Region by the readers of the Times Union, this powerhouse party band plays hits ranging from funk to rock to R&B. Booking:

The Remainders
Rock, Blues and Funk. Covers and original music come from this Saratoga based 4 piece band, guaranteed to be a rump shakin’ good time. Both male and female vocals. Booking: Dillon Moran 584-5058 or

Rhythm Method
5 piece group hailing from the Saratoga area. We're into blues, classic rock and when the mood strikes, some new stuff as well as originals.

Lani Richards
Acoustic originals and covers. Lani performs upbeat folk-rock (originals and covers) and sincere ballads with bassist Dan Samson. Booking: Lani Richards, 732-0539,

Rich Ortiz/Dr. James G. Looby
Alternative originals. Original, covers, alternative (guitar, saxophone, computerized accompaniment). Booking: Rich Ortiz, 223-0029.

Leslie Ritter & Scott Petito
Highly Acclaimed Ambient Folk Music Duo (full band available) Booking: Beth at Raven Madd Promotions 518.943.0085,,

The Rizzo’s
Wedding/party cover band. Favorites from the ’40s through the present. Classy, tuxedo-clad four-piece, featuring horns, accordion and smooth vocals. Booking: Jan Mika, 237-2892.

Classic and contemporary rock covers. Capital District club veterans performing a wide variety of rock 'n roll from Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Rolling Stones and Beatles to Train and 3 Doors Down. Solid vocals and tight sound. Bookings: Carl Todora, 518-884-2710 ( or Garry Davis, 518-370-1352.

Rocky Velvet
Rockabilly originals and covers. Cropseyville’s loudest rockabilly band. Booking:

The Rogues
Rock covers. These seasoned musicians will make you dance the night away with good tunes and great harmonies. Booking: Russ Maskal, 399-4591.

The Ron Olson Band
Rock covers. Rock and blues band. Booking: Art Coons, (802) 823-0289,

Rock originals. Jazzy rock band with influences of the Smiths, Dave Matthews and the Doors, and a pumpin’ stage presence and unique sound. Booking: Simon, 577-5404,

Ruhle Road
Classic rock, experimental, funk/groove and rock originals and covers. Funk/rock fusion band out of Clifton Park. Booking: Dave (383-4161), Jeff (371-4704), jpres/

Rum Diary
Alt-country originals. Alt-country songwriter band. Booking: David Hughes, 330-3506,

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The Saras
Folk/rock/groove originals. Two early-20s singer-songwriters—one plays guitar, one plays piano. Beatlesesque. Booking: Wayne Lane, 271-0081.

Dan Schultz
Originals and covers. Acoustic piano in classical jazz. Booking: Dan Schultz, 432-9818,

Scotty Mac & the Rockin’ Bonnevilles
Rock and blues covers. Party-hearty band mixes swing, rockabilly, R&B and other genres. Booking: Scotty Mac, 433-7425,

Second Hand Smoke
Classic-rock covers. Kegger-in-the-woods rock and metal from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. Booking: Bill Ketzer, 438-1787.

Second Time Around Band
Oldies, swing/big band originals and covers. Big band with female vocalist, playing swing tunes and ballads in the style of the ’30s and ’40s. Booking: Stan McMillan, 673-3589.

Hayseed metal originals from the masters of the genre. The ’guy bring the rock like strong kung-fu—loud and proud—doing justice to their various influences with emotional, multi-layered songwriting and a ton of bombast. Booking: 677-8933,

Shaker Creek
Irish/Celtic originals. Fine Celtic and Appalachian fiddle tunes featuring Stephen Iachetta performing on vintage historic instruments. Booking: Steve Iachetta, 783-1720,

The Shakin’ Loose Band
Oldies covers. A quartet playing rock & roll oldies—party dance music with style. Booking: Joel Lahey, 622-8931,

She Is Me
Acoustic covers. Acoustic trio, two guitars with female vocal. Playing favorites: Petty, Crow, Colvin, Croce. Also rock and blues. Booking: Bob Nati, 356-3851.

Side Effects
Rock covers. Acoustic/electric. Booking: Willy Welch, 273-3096.

Classic-rock, country, oldies, rock and rockabilly covers. Country-rock variety band, available for all occasions. Booking: Manny Philipps, 756-7575,

David Smith and Bad Karma
"Kick Your Ass With Rock n Roll". Booking: John, 518-377-2884 or David, 518-373-2839.

Simon Screams
Alternative originals. Far meets Radiohead. www. Booking: John Gallogly, (800) 694-0733.

Rob Skane
Garage/Folk/Rock 'N Roll for the hole in your soul. Booking:, .

Small Axe
Rock originals. Dirty, gritty, Kool-Aid splashed stoner rock. Booking: James Burton, 899-3459.

Smooth Harvey
Classic-rock covers. Classic rock and party band, playing music from the ’50s to the present; great rapport with audience. Buffett, Van Morrison, Creed, Elvis, Doobies, Beatles. Booking: Paul or Brad, 348-1914 or 383-6793,

Sol Energy
Rock originals. Female vocalist; unique, original sound; rock, blues, punk, soul, alternative influences. Booking: Rob, 426-3135,

The Soul ingredient Band
R&B/soul. Danceable R&B, with the accent on groove. Booking: Jeff Ellis, 374-7819.

Sounds of Sinatra & More!
Swing/big band covers. Seven-piece band and vocalist performing songs made famous by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and others. Booking: Galaxy Entertainment, (413) 684-3257.

Funk/groove originals. Electronic grooves underlying soulful guitar and vocals. Booking: Jim Chiefari, 209-7985.

Metal originals. Hard-hitting avant-metal three-piece explosion. Delivering a high-energy, multi-sensory performance that is hard to forget. SpineCar pulls from a wide range of influences to achieve their unique, highly creative and intense style. Booking: Eric Braymer, 235-5750,

The Stars of Rock
Rock originals. We hurt you because we love you. We rock with uncanny precision. We are not sold separately. Help us to help you. Booking: Aaron M. Smith, 434-6404,

Stone Cold Blue
Rock covers. Guitar, bass, keys, drums. Rock and R&B, 30 years experience. Booking: Jim Springborn, 664-5829,

Stickmen Play
Rock-funk-alternative originals. Booking: Chris Marino, 399-8585,

The Suggestions
Power pop originals. Infectious pop/rock tunes that will stick in your head and heart. New CD coming in Spring 2003. Bookings: 229-9251,,

Super 400
Rock originals. Mind-bending, guitar-oriented rock & roll—hard, heavy, cool and mellow. Booking:

Susan and the Surftones
Garage covers. Surf and instros in a ’60s garage style. Ex-members of 1313 Mockingbird Lane. Fifth CD out now. Band’s fourth European tour February to March 2002. Booking: Brian or Kim, 432-7736,

Dave Suspanic
Solo acoustic/electric guitar (occasionally with guests) original alternative rock/folk (witha few covers). Contact:, 237-5597.

The Swing Docs
Swing and big band covers. A 17-piece big band, organized by several doctors, other medical professionals and their friends. Swing music (old classics as well as new swing hits) and other big-band arrangements. Available for parties, dances, fund raisers and all special occasions. Booking: Dr. Steward Sell, 475-1606 or 262-6179.

Classic-rock covers. Playing in Capital Region clubs for almost 20 years. Party band with the sounds of Jimmy Buffett, John Mellencamp and Van Morrison, plus many other classics and current covers. Booking: Jay Ayotte (233-7127), Jim Halloran (753-6919),

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Alternative originals and covers. Six-piece electracoustic folk rock/reggae band playing original and cover songs with Caribbean soul. Steel drums, guitars, horns, bass, drums and lots of percussion! Booking: David Reed, (413) 229-8206,

Tame Rutabaga
Acoustic covers. Mix of traditional string-band music, Irish, contra dance (jigs, reels, marches). Music and dance calling. Booking: Paul Rosenberg, 438-3035,

Classic-rock covers. Energetic rock & roll band playing favorites from the ’60s through the ’90s. AC/DC to the Goo Goo Dolls, Beatles to ZZ Top, Grass Roots to Billy Joel. Something for everyone. Booking: Michael Leonard, 581-0150,

Technical Difficulties
Rock covers. Twenty-first-century power trio performing classic, modern and original rock music. Booking: Gary Cellucci, 331-3829,

Thee UMMmm . . .
Garage covers. Albany’s only ’60s garage band. Members of: Susan and the Surftones, 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Rocky Velvet. Bookings: Brian Ginaman, 432-7736,

Rock originals. Self-titled CD out, with new release due in spring. Great live band. Booking: Eric Schnanke, 235-2824,

Eclectic mix of Rock cover tunes from Classic Pink Floyd to Modern Green Day and a little Ramones thrown in for fun. Booking; Steve Burda, 883-3363, or Aaron Mittler, 725-611,2,

Christopher Thomas
Acoustic originals. One man’s statement on this universe and life, set to whatever small portions of the music of the spheres he has been allowed to glimpse and grasp. Booking: Christopher Thomas, 799-5678.

Bryan Thomas
Originals. Alternative-soul-rock. “Best Male Singer-Songwriter” (Times Union). Booking: Cindy Ferrari, 435-9799.

Three of a Kind
Oldies covers. This is our 10th year rocking New York state. Peace—Tom, Tony, George. Booking: Tom Sykala, 374-0281,

Piano and the keyboard. Booking:

The Tom Evans Blues Band Featuring Carla Page
Blues covers. Is Rob Goldman Junior Wells in disguise? Torchy vocals, slide guitar and authentic Chicago/Delta style. Booking: Tom Evans, 885-7682,

Tom Fiction
Experimental originals. Dinosaur Jr., Pixies style music. Booking: David, 449-1304,

Tom Healey Band
American music including blues, funk, swing, soul, and R&B. Stong origainl material. Represented the Northeast Blues Society at the 2002 International Blues Challenge in Memphis. Bookings: Tom Healey, 489-2313,

Funk/groove covers. Top-notch groove/funk band with jazz influences. Inspired virtuosity and addictive grooves. Booking: Bruce, 489-9090,

Top Shelf
Wedding/party covers. Music and entertainment for everything from intimate gatherings and wedding receptions to large corporate events. Featuring: guitar, keyboards, drums, bass, trumpet, and saxophone along with five voices. Music from the 1940's through today. Booking: Dyanne Marlow, 272-0652,

Modern rock originals/covers. Female fronted. We will take you on a tour through the darkest depths of your rock fantasies and you won’t feel ashamed in the morning. Bookings: Mike, 393-4723,

Triple Threat
Originals. Blend of funk, rap-metal and R&B. Our influences include: RHCP, RATM, Limp Bizkit and Beastie Boys. Booking: Mania Management, 869-3946.

Original hard alternative rock interlaced with threads of emo. Booking: Tom McMahon, 782-2790,

The T.S. Ensemble Band
Covers. A 6-piece wedding/party band/clubs, with brass, male and female vocals. Booking: Al Santoro, 456-0099,

Two Minute Warning
Rock covers. Four-piece classic and new rock with male and female vocalist. Booking: Art Coons, (802) 823-0289,

Two Rivers String Band
Folk covers. Traditional fiddle music; Appalachian, Irish and French Canadian tunes. Booking: Mike Jarboe, 273-4362,

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Metal originals and covers. Hard rock and metal from the ’80s. Recently opened for Quiet Riot. Booking: Joe Ciliberti, 732-4961, untamedrocks@aolcom.

Eric Underwood
Acoustic originals. Fusion of folk-rock and acoustic soul with a signature style all his own. Intense and pleading, and then when you feel you know where he’s going next, he steps into your soul and whispers to your heart. Booking: Eric Underwood, (413) 743-5488.

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Peter Van Keuren
Jazz originals and covers. Piano/vocals. Closer to Home CD of original music available at Borders, Drome Sound, Burnt Hills Music Academy, Panza’s Restaurant and through the artist. Play piano bars, events, etc. Booking: Peter Van Keuren, 399-4587,

The Velmas
High-energy live shows. The Velmas recently completed their debut album, Another Day at School, released in June of 2002. They were selected by readers in the Metroland Best of the Capital Region 2002 Readers Poll as one of the Best-Kept Secrets in the Capital Region.
Booking: (518) 448-6452,,

Vincent and Lee
Country originals and covers. Five-piece pop/country band. Bookings: Dave Ford, 357-4776.

Violent Knight
Rock originals. Pompous rock deities. Booking: Rick Goodwin, (607) 397-8132,

Four-piece band with a sound that suggests one much larger. Pop favorites from the past three decades from all over the musical spectrum. Bookings: email or call 273-1985,

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Funk/groove originals. Four funkateers on a mission to groove the world. Booking: Justin Metz, 370-2938.

The Wait
Indie-rock originals. Voted Best Band of 2000 by Metroland; album Dear Soul released last year on Paint Chip Records. Booking: Mark Connor, 506-9542.

Wayward Sons
Covering a wide range of popular classic, contemporary and blues-rock. Song selections to satisfy those who want to dance as well as have a drink and listen. Bookings: (801) 659-9979 (lv. message), e-mail:,

Tim Wechgelaer
Acoustic originals and covers. Singer who plays guitar, fiddle and mandolin. Repertoire includes folk, country, Irish/Celtic, classic rock, standards and originals. Booking: Tim Wechgelaer, 583-7495.

Glenn Weiser
Sonorous solo fingerstyle guitar and banjo for all occasions. Styles I play include blues, folk, Celtic music and classical guitar.

Wet Shoelaces
Bizarre avant-garde experimentalism. Booking:,

Alternative originals. Guitar-driven electronic rock with hiphop flavors. Booking: Rob Parzek, 766-3272.

Wild Women
Cabaret originals and covers. Theatrical musical cabaret for large or intimate special events, private parties, corporate events, industrials—we can do it all! Booking: Kelley Sweeney, 527-7449.

Chris Wilhelm
Acoustic originals. An unusual and compelling blend of acoustic melody. Booking: Chris Wilhelm, 463-8112.

Rock covers and originals. A no-nonsense rock & roll band with incredible, high-voltage energy, and a heart-pounding, gutsy sound. Booking: Alan Payette, 346-0414,

Wuji Tableaux
Alternative originals. Chinese poetry sung in English baroque, pop, cabaret—with keyboard, cello and bass. Booking: Bethy Bacon, 658-3929,

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Maria Zemantuaski
Flamenco originals and covers. Solo guitarist with two albums, including the recent Seeing Red. Booking: Futon Dog Productions, 221-7726,

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